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From Mount Hood to the Oregon Coast, you couldn't ask for a more beautiful state to drive through than Oregon, and Canby is a crown jewel for OR drivers who love the green scenery and wide open roads of the Northwest. Unfortunately, Oregon also has its share of unsafe drivers. With that in mind, we offer three tips to drive safe and keep your auto insurance rates down, even when other folks on the road are driving recklessly:

Give Plenty of Space

Defensive driving courses will tell you to give four seconds of space when driving between 55mph and 75mph, or driving under 55mph on wet roads. Bear in mind that this is Oregon, and the two weather conditions here are: raining, or just-rained. In other words, always giving at least four seconds of space is a good rule of thumb.

Slow Down for Fog

Fog and other weather conditions common in Oregon can severely limit visibility. When you have a hard time seeing, slow down. When you have a really hard time seeing, pull over.

Test Your Brakes

After driving through a puddle, test your brakes with a short tap to make sure that they're still working. This will help you to ensure that you're safe.

Some insurers also allow you to lower your car insurance by bundling it with your home insurance. We could give you a ton of tips like that, but your best bet is going to be to get a quote online, and call OR insurance agents and ask what sort of discounts you can get. You'll never know until you do.